The design

The design is based nearly to 100% of the original super regulator. My contribution is transferring it to SMD and making the pcb universal negative/positive versions. I have also made options for three different references.

This project is suitable for a newbeginner ONLY if you are handy with the soldering iron AND have the right tools. If you have a soldering iron with small tip and a good pair of tweezers it shouldn't be a problem. I'm going to write down good tips about soldering and mounting parts. This isn't obvious for a newbeginner.

I say it again that SMD is frightening for most DIY'ers and to succeed you must have a good soldering technique and you must also be able to keep a very good order with parts because some of them are unmarked and/or very hard to identify if they are taken from the tape or out of the plastic bag.

The schematics

Click on the picture to get a larger view. The picture shows the schematics of the amp. Of course you can't use it for anything except for an overview. Please download the pdf-file instead if you want to see the details.

I recommend that you download the schematics and print it so you can follow the describing text more carefully.