JSR-02 The Sjöström Super Regulator


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The component side. The pcb is rather small.

Some background can be found in my JSR-01 project.

This design is based on my JSR-01 project and the goal was to make the pcb smaller than the JSR-01 project. Therefore I have removed the preregulator because I think this regulator will be fed from a regulated voltage source.

Interesting features

  1. Extremely low noise.
  2. Very low output impedance in the audioband.
  3. Small.
  4. Easy to change voltage, also to negative voltage.
  5. Well-known and well-tested in serious applications.
  6. LM431 reference but I have made markings for anode, cathode and reference so it will be easy to mount any other 2- or 3 pin device like LM329.

No pcb's available

The last pcb's are now sold and I won't order more unless demand will arise.