B1 JFET preamp pcb purchase

OFFER: Great looking pcb's to attractive prices.  No boards are left.

Nelson Pass has designed a preamp in true Nelson Pass spirit with few parts and excellent performance. His measurements indicates a distortion of 0.0007% without any feedback, only using two JFET's.

The boards look like this.

I have found this picture on the net and it shows how the pcb look like with gigantic capacitors.

The pcb looks similar to this but is smaller. The picture shows the commercial version for 1000 dollars.


I have ordered a bunch of pcb's for a group buy over at diyaudio.com and there will be leftovers which you can buy. The pcb will have the same quality as the picture below.

No pcb's are left. Buy them at PASSDIY.COM

Some background can be found here

Pcb layout