UBC-01 Audio Balanced Driver - Unbalanced to Balanced

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UBC01 is a converter for an unbalanced signal to balanced. The major function is established by a DRV134/135. This design is very well suited for connecting two power amplifiers in bridge mode.

Interesting features

  1. 2-layer pcb with 35 um copper.
  2. Gold pads.
  3. Extremely low distortion.
  4. High common mode output impedance.
  5. Low and adjustable differential mode output impedance.
  6. Option for DIL08 or SO08 DRV134/135 .
  7. Several types of input coupling capacitors, high performance RIFA PHE426 polypropylene or 5 mm/ 0.2" caps such as polyester or other types with the same footprint, or some other type with pin spacing from 15 to 27.5 mm.
  8. On-board regulators of LM317/337 type
  9. Discrete regulators for using higher voltage than the max supply voltage of the LM317/337.