Listening experience

How does it sound really? The protoype is built and it works real good.

I have used this amp for some time now and I must say as my little daugther says about everything (she "loves" all things or persons she likes. She doesn't know exactly what love means but she thinks it's the same as like), "I love this amp". It's totally transparent, like a polished daimond. I'm very influenced by the looks. I really like SMD. It's very cute. I have tested three different opamps AD8610, OPA134, OPA627 and I must say that I like AD8610 the most of some weird reason. I think I'm influenced of the pure and technical clean electrical performance. Step response is excellent and the offset voltage is extreme! Best I ever have come across. and

I'm not very good in expressing myself in english (not in swedish either) when it comes to listening impressions. I'd just LOVE this amp.