QRV-03 - The high performance current feedback headphone amplifier

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I got inspired one day when it was much talk about current feedback amps. The performance is quite exciting and also outrageous in headphone amp terms. See the technical data!

Interesting features:

  1. The pcb fits virtually any single opamp
  2. Room for good coupling caps (if you must or like)
  3. Input LP-filter if you have problems with RF interference (you should have a filter though).
  4. High quality power supply with large smoothing caps. No transformers on the pcb.
  5. Fits any headphone (except for electrostatic of course).

My design goal was to make an easy to build and very advanced but well balanced amp in terms of components choices and a well tested topology.

The pcb's have been out of stock for quite some time now but recently a guy wanted a couple of pcb's so I once again have a small quantity in stock. Hurry up before they are gone.