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As you can see at the picture the pcb will be at mains potential and therefore lethal. You must insure that this pcb is well protected against unintentional touching. All parts are dangerous to touch when the mains is switched on.

If you can, use a 0-5 V DC source to test the diode function. Connect to Phase in and Phase out. Make sure you have a limited current from the power supply. If it works with let's say 50-100 mA you should have 0.7, 1.4, 2.1 or 2.8 V depending of how many diodes you use. If you change polarity you should get the same result. With this you'll see that the diodes work. You could also use a diode tester in order to see that the diodes are working.

If it works all right with low DC voltage then test with 230 VAC and notice if the tranformer hum will disappear or not.

The DC trap is ready.