RFB-02s in dual bridge setup and with AC filter capacitors


I have about 16 of the RFB-02 and am very happy with them! I have put them to good use in my preamp and in my power amp. For my preamp I use 2+2 RFB-02s for a dual mono setup and double rectifying use, i.e. 2 rectifier bridges per channel. No heat sink needed of course. For my power amp I also use 2 rectifier bridges per channel. In total 16 diodes. They are mounted on two “fat” heat sinks.

The RFB-02s are very versatile! They can be assembled with or without snubbers around each diode, but that is not all. I have found a way to mount filter capacitors on the RFB-02. These capacitors filter out RF noise from the transformer AC voltages

I will describe what I have done to the RFB-02 so one can mount filter capacitors on them.

Drill Template

First, however, I will show the drill template I have made which makes it easy to drill the holes for the four mounting holes (M3).

Figure 1 Drilling template for RFB-02

Figure 2 Schematics showing the capacitors on the AC voltages.

Figure 2 shows the schematic of how I filter out noise. As you can see I use two rectifier bridges for each the positive and the negative power supply voltage. I believe this is the best way to rectify AC voltages into power supply voltages for high end amplifiers.

I use X2 capacitors for C3 and C6. They are rated 300 VAC and made for this application. C3 is used to take out low frequency noise and C6 will take out most high frequency noise. C12 is a standard polypropylene rated 100 VDC.