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If you can, use a 24 V DC source to test the time delay function. Apply voltage 24 VDC across DZ1 or any other suitable point. Notice that K1 will activate immediately and the K2 300-600 ms later, depending of if you have both C4 and C5 mounted. Check also that the relay contacts work properly. If it works all right with 24 VDC then test with 230 VAC.

Activation voltages 

2 x 330 nF, 50 Hz K1 K2
Activate (pull-in voltage) 99 V 182 V
Deactivate (drop-out voltage) 48 V 140 V
2 x 680 nF, 50 Hz    
Activate 48 V 85 V
Deactivate 22 V 67 V


"Activate" means when the relays close their contacts. The values are tested with Omron relay and are approximate. If you choose other relays with different current consumption these voltages will be different.

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