SSB-01 - The high performance SMD Diamond buffer


The picture at left shows the prototype boards, revision 0. Click on the pictures on order to get an larger view.   Revision 1 with no errors. Click on the pictures on order to get an larger view.



Sjöström Super Buffer

The picture shows the buffer. Click on the picture on order to get an larger view.

The performance is very good. See technical data!

Interesting features

  1. The pcb fits virtually any SOT23 small signal transistor and almost any SOT223 power transistor.
  2. The emitter loads have cascodes in order to increase linearity.
  3. SMD caps, including electrolytic caps.
  4. SMD parts which makes the buffer very small and thin.
  5. Input LP-filter if you have problems with RF interference, if not just omit it.
  6. Crossover distortion reducer for the opamp. This is a popular circuit in the DIY community.
  7. Useful for anything as long as power supply voltage is within limits and load not to heavy.
  8. Professional pcb with groundplane which establish good cooling and shielding.

Customer review

Matthias from Germany

well what can i say to the sound after 3 hours: faaaaaaaaaaantastic. this is so much better than the buf634, it is stunning... i will replace the electrolytic cap though by black gates or rubycon za!