QSXPS - The extreme power supply

Click on the picture to get a larger view.

This power supply design did I make for the DAC and for the new ultra extreme RIAA amp .

This design has very interesting features:

  1. Extremely low output noise.
  2. Very low output impedance in the audioband.
  3. Easy to change the output voltage
  4. High performance rectifier bridge built by discrete parts
  5. Well-known and well-tested in serious and demanding applications.
  6. LM431 as reference.
  7. Extra trimming resistors for tuning the output voltage.
  8. Frequency compensation for the opamp added as an option. By that you are more free of choosing opamp.
  9. All resistors 10 mm between the holes so it is possible to use a cut and bending machine for those parts.
  10. Current peak limiting resistor after the rectifier bridges. Reduces the harmonics in the raw voltage.
  11. Not particularly hard to make to independent regulators. Convenient if you want to make two positive voltages. This is not tested and verified.