PA03 - The Czech Gainclone - based onLM4780

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Picture shows the input connector.
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Picture shows the speaker outputs.

The design is based on the excellent power IC from National Semiconductor LM4780. This IC is an excellent power IC, equally good as the famous LM3875 and LM3886. The LM4780 is in fact twoLM3886 chips in the same package. More info here .

If you want the technical data of this amp, please download the datasheet for the LM4780 and consider the given data as good approximations of this particular design.

Schematics, pcb layout and BOM can be downloaded here.

The BOM consists of a Filemaker database and separate Excel files for each supplier which are at the moment Farnell and Mouser.

Pavel's pcb designs are excellent. When I examine the Gainclone pcb I can see the this pcb is one of the best in the market, 100% perfection when it comes to parts placement and pcb trace locations. (Comment by Per-Anders Sjöström). Boards are not available.

Interesting features

  1. Compact
  2. Versatile
  3. High performance, low distortion, low noise
  4. Extremely well-done pcb (says I, Per-Anders Sjöström! Pavel Dudek is the designer)
  5. Power supply on board except for transformer
  6. DC-protection circuit
  7. Start-up delay
  8. Mute, standby function
  9. Reliable, lot's of protection circuits. Protection against short circuit, high temperature, loss of supply voltage, low supply voltage.