JSR-06 The Sjöström Super Regulator Power Supply

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Some background can be found in my JSR-01 project.

This design is based on my JSR-01 project and the goal was to make the pcb with hole mounted parts as small and versatile as possible.

The design

The design is based nearly to 100% of the original super regulator. My design goal here was to make a complete power supply, universal with many options and great flexibility.

This design has very interesting features:

  1. Extremely low output noise.
  2. Very low output impedance in the audioband.
  3. Easy to change the output voltage
  4. 115 or 230 VAC as input voltage
  5. Standard rectifier bridge or high performance built by discrete parts with sizes up to TO220, like MUR820, MUR860 or similar.
  6. Well-known and well-tested in serious and demanding applications.
  7. The pcb has room for holemounted DIL08 opamps or for surface mounted SO08 opamps.
  8. Snubberized raw voltage using 0805 SMD resistors. This is for removing resonance's.
  9. LM431 or LM385 as reference but I have made markings for anode, cathode and reference so it will be easy to mount any other 2- or 3 pin device like LM329.
  10. Extra trimming resistor for the LM431 voltage reference.
  11. Extra trimming resistors for tuning the output voltage.
  12. Frequency compensation for the opamp added as an option. By that you are more free of choosing opamp.
  13. Two methods of feeding the opamp with supply voltage.
  14. All resistors 10 mm between the holes so it is possible to use a cut and bending machine for those parts.
  15. Current peak limiting resistor after the rectifier bridges. Reduces the harmonics in the raw voltage.
  16. Not particularly hard to make to independent regulators. Convenient if you want to make two positive voltages. This is not tested and verified.