The DIY thing started in 1996 when I worked overtime around Christmas and as a compensation I've got a prototype series for my audio DAC.

Nearly two decades has gone now and more projects has been created and I'll hope it will be more of them. A big mistake back then was to write in swedish. 99% of all customers are from "not" Sweden. Writing in english is a much better idea. The first project (a DAC) is in swedish and will only get translated if I ever do an upgrade.

Since I was 13 (born 1959) I have designed various types of electronics, mostly hifi equipment. I remember those days to be very creative and fun. Many ideas were crazy but it was an excellent and interesting hobby. In the summer 2000 I got inspired when I looked at my old photos. Maybe someone out there find it interesting. The oldest amp is not still in was made of brass, walnut, germanium transistors (AD161/162/AC128) and gave 8 watts in mono! I'll get tears in my eyes.... The design was taken from a Philips databook.