Sjostrom Audio, or Sjöström Audio (with dots above the "o") is a DIY firm run by Per-Anders Sjöström at his spare time. We or I to be more precise sell mostly unpopulated printed circuit boards and occationally some parts which are hard to get.

In 2012 I started  to use PrestaShop as a webshop. This speeds up the payment process and also makes a more serious impression (I think). I'm still excited of my new webshop. It's quite fun to have a nice looking webshop.

The business idea is just design things I like but you can say that I strive to make better designs than the present market standard. This is: THIS

Daytime I'm a consultant at i3tex AB in industrial electronics with a rather broad field. I work with power electronics, micro controllers, analog and digital electronics, drawing schematics and design pcb's. A few years back I worked with a 475 A(!) pcb. Quite fun to draw those extremely high currents through a plain pcb.

Per-Anders Sjöström holding an ultra high performance headphone amplifier, QRV08 with super regulators

Per-Anders at a DIY-meeting holding a QRV08. Photo: "silvervarg" at

From spring 2011 (and still) I work with chassis nodes in trucks at Volvo Trucks. Besides beeing the glue between Volvo and the supplier and also have unofficially an expert role in electronics.


I have been a small part of the project to add crawler gears into the i-shift gearbox. The big guy is one of the strongest in the world, Magnus Samuelsson.

I have played around with electronics since I was 10 I think. I'm born 1959 so you can calculate yourself how many years I have had electronics as a hobby and work.

The future for my hobby and Sjöström Audio is to design as much as my spare time allows me.



Per-Anders Sjöström