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Title: QRV-03 or QRV-09 with Burson Audio V5-OPA-S?
Post by: DDragon80 on August 09, 2016, 04:52:24 PM

Lately I had mistakenly bought two V5-OPA-S instead of two V5-OPA-D ( for my Xonar Essence STX op amp upgrade, so I wanted to give them a good purpose/destination. Therefore I would like to build a quality SS headphone amp to combine these beauties.
My first choice would be between the QRV-03 and QRV-09. But according to the Burson Audio website, the op amps on the QRV-03 (OPA277PA/LT115CN8) are not compatible with the V5-OPA-S? Unless you change some resistor values I supose? If so, what op amp pair is best to be replaced (OPA277PA or LT115CN8)? And Is this change worth it (SQ wise)? If possible, what should be changed to get it working and get the best results?

Same question regarding the possible op amp (AD8610) switch on a QRV-09 with a Burson Audio V5. According to the website, this opamp is compatible (besides the socket difference - SOIP8/DIP8). But would this V5 op amp give better SQ in this design? Is it worth the switch (and even possible)?

Best regards!