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Title: SSR01 improvements
Post by: Lorien on August 05, 2009, 10:27:49 AM
 heaveno P-A,
I must say that I really like your SSR01 PSU and I appreciate the work and experience behind it. I also want to build one pair of PSU for my experimental DAC (don't know if it will be as good as your board but at least I'll try) and this is one of the reason why I post here. I kindly ask you to tell me which is your board's manufacturer so can I build some prototype boards there. I'll especially seek for the gold-plated option which is not available to PCB manufacturers in my country (Romania).
  In addition I'll try to use LT1027 instead of '431 (without any RC filter) because I consider that it's a better reference chip (the best?). What do you think about this LT option? Can this be a viable solution in your design?

Thank you for your time!
  P.S. I apologies for my low level english language!
Title: Re: SSR01 improvements
Post by: peranders on August 06, 2009, 06:24:57 PM
Sure you can use LT1027 and it is quite easy to patch in especially the SO08 version is a good place but hardly cheap.