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SSR01 input/output

Started by thommy, April 15, 2024, 01:33:04 PM

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I am reviving an old project and doing some rewiring. Nowhere on the SSR01 page can I find any mention of which connections are for power in and out! The schematic image is too low resolution to read anything and the downloads link just takes me to a Paypal site in Swedish which I cannot understand!


So i tried to work it out and got it wrong, shorted the output to ground. The BC556 at the output has melted so I replaced it and can measure the correct output voltage again but when connecting it to a load the led goes dim and the LM317 gets hot, is anything else likely to have failed?

Interestingly the bench psu also craps out when the regulator has a load on it, dropping from 18v to 4v.

So SSR01 without load is fine.

Bench psu powering load directly is fine.

SSR01 and bench psu not happy under load.


Solved. it had shorted another component on the DAC circuit.