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SSR03 (AD825, LM431, +-15V BOM)

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Got transformers and hooked it up to SSR03 (AD825, LM431, +-15V BOM). Final result +15.19V / -15.09V. If i would like to trim it down a bit, to 15V exactly, what needs to be done?

I measure 10-11mV of AC on outputs on cold, and 9mV on stable working unit. It is normal in my case?

Thanks in advance.

The AC voltage should be a few uV but this must be measured with special equipment. Check first the incoming voltage. It should be at least 4 volt more than the output voltage, in your case 19 volts. Measure at the input of the LM317/337.

Lm317 has 24.5V at input and Lm337 has only 17.9V..

How high is your input AC voltage? How much do you load with? Current?

AC input is ~21.4V.
Load is ~3-400ma per side.


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