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Voltage drop on SSR01 under load

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Per Anders,

I have installed a +12V SSR01 regulator to power up a DDDAC board. At no load, the regulator provides 12.3V but when the DAC board is connected, the output voltage from the regulator drops to 2.5V.

I was wondering if other users have already faced this issue, and how to solve it. Thanks for any input you could provide!

Operation conditions are as follows:
On the SSR01 board, both J1 and J2 are bridged.
The DAC board should be drawing around 100mA.
Input voltage is 30VDC
There is a large heatsink over the LM317
Upfront DC regulation is done with a LC circuit (diode bridge, 17H in series, 100uF polypro in parallel)

How much current are you able to take out before you'll get a voltage drop?

Well, I don't know how much current can I draw before voltage drops. What would be the best way to actually measure this (variable CCS, resistor, … )?. Thanks.

I'll suggest that you try with 120 ohm or something. This would create 100 mA.

If the regulator works you should have a voltage drop of a few millivolts only and the voltage at pin 2 and 3 on the opamp should be within 1-2 mV, and that is 6.25V if the output voltage is 12.5 V.

I've taken some measurements and with a 100 Ohm resistor, the voltage drops from 12.3V to 5.2. With a 1k resistor, then there is no drop.


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