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Using QRV-08 as a Preamp

Started by chinook9, July 23, 2018, 11:12:47 PM

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heaveno P-A!

I have been enjoying my QRV-08 for a while now. I haven't put it in its final enclosure but I will do so this winter.  I'll post a picture to Facebook then.

I read on a forum that someone was using their QRV-08 as a preamp.  I tried my QRV-08 as a preamp running the headphone output through a series of adapters to the inputs on a Krell KSA-100 into Thiel CS3.6 speakers.  The system sounds the best it ever.

Is using the QRV-08 as a preamp OK or might I cause problems in the QRV-08? I only have to turn the volume control about 1/3 rotation to get high volume.

Thank you,



The amp can be used as a preamp.
/Per-Anders Sjöström, owner of this forum

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Thank you P-A.  I suspected as much but I wanted to confirm it.

The original enclosure I used is a bit too small and I have not completed a neat installation.  I recently received a slightly bigger enclosure and I may have room to put in RCA preamp-out jacks.

The QRV-8 sounds as good as a preamp as it does with headphones.

Thanks again