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SSR03 @10 volts

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Hi Per Anders,

Is it possible to run the SSR03 at 10v?  Would I just use a trimmer on the 9v or 12v version or do I need some other component changes?



You'll have to set the reference voltage to 5 volts, then you will get 10 V since the gain is 2. You have the formula here

Let me know if you want help with the math.

Im afraid my electronics know-how is still improving..... which part exactly in the circuit description can I use to calculate the resistors needed for Vref?  I don't mind calculating myself, I just need to know exactly which calculation to look at :)

If you look at the heading "The reference" you will find it (you could also read the data sheet for LM431) and a bit further down you see the formula which starts with Vout= ....


R39 = 3k3 (R40)
R43 = 3k3 (R44)
R41 = not populated (R42)

You use the 12 V version.

Thank you. I was looking at data sheets, googling, trying to see how it worked with your BOMS for other voltages but I'm still trying to get my head around it!

Thanks for the help.


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