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SSB01 questions

Started by alexanderbax, December 31, 2016, 02:12:50 PM

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Hi Per Anders,

Just quick questions on the diamond buffers:

1. If running balanced, will I need 4 boards?

2. What is the best way to mount the boards? I don't see any holes for standoffs.

3. Could I power all 4 boards with a single 15v SSR01? The current requirement looks low enough.

4. I would use them on the output of my DDDAC pcm1794 DAC which already has its own CCS. Not sure what the difference is but would it be best to build the SSB01 CCS version or without CCS?



1 yes

2 You can for instance use melting glue.

3 The pcb's need + and - 15 V so you will need one SSR01 and one SSR02

4 The current source is only needed you have and an opamp output as the signal source.
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Great, thanks for the info!

Just placed an order. I still have a couple of SSR01 so only needed to get an additional SSR02 :)