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I would love a new DAC


Hi P-A,       I am absolutely loving my QRV-08 - But I would love it even more if I had a DAC designed with
the same care and attention to detail.

So, I was wondering if you had any intention of rolling out a DIY DAC along the same lines as the QRV-08
 - Single board, mains powered, Super regulated, COAX, TOSLINK, USB, 24/192 (or better). And of course
high performance to match the QRV-08.

Or maybe you could suggest a DIY DAC project, or commercial DAC that can match the QRV-08?


Some day I'll design a new DAC.

Have you checked Twisted Pear? Pretty good stuff.

Yes indeed they do make some great kit. The Buffalo is very tempting, but also VERY expensive to create
a full DAC - Also I think it may be overkill for my purposes. Their other DACs look good, but I would prefer
a non-modular design - I am not too keen on all the separate bits and hookup wires - I am a bit OCD about
neatness - That's one reason I like the QRV-08.

Don't leave it too long before you start work on a new DAC design  :-D


Hi Ken,

Did you know about ?

I built the y1 DAC and it sounds very good.
Its also much easier/cheaper to build than the Twisted Pear DACs.




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