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Pre assembled SSR02 output voltage incorrect

Started by Simon, October 06, 2010, 09:30:11 AM

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Hi Per-Anders

As per my email, the pre assembled LM329 SSR02 15V is outputting what appears to be an incorrect voltage. With an input of 24V, only 8V is being output.

My initial question was if the LM329 was installed correctly? It is in the top position and I am asking as it is not working correctly and from what I can deduce from the LM329 pinouts and the circuit diagram this could possibly be incorrect?

many thanks



Are you sure you have connected it in the right holes? Do you still have tin blobs on the sense inputs (J1 and J2)?

8 V out indicates that the opamp isn't working.

- 24 V in = X1
GND = X8

-15 V out = X4
GND out = X2

Can you measure the voltages at the opamp pins?

The regulator did deliver 15.3 V when I tested it.
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Yes, I will measure all of the opamp pins and get back to you. I have used the correct holes and the tin blobs are in place. I decided to test it on my bench power supply before installing in the DAC.