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Best headphone am for ~8ohms...?

Started by Bertel, March 24, 2010, 01:21:50 PM

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Hi Per-Anders,

I am using headphones with very low impedance - Ultimate Ears UE10pro with 5-13ohms (depending on frequency).

From circuit design and basic characteristics and components used, which one of your headphone amps would you say can perform best with such a low load?

Any other members here have experience in this field that they would want to share?

Thank you,


You will need only 115 mV as output voltage so any amp will work if you have some series resistance. The datasheet for the earphones doesn't tell recommended drive impedance but all of my designs have very power full output stages.
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Well, many thanks for the quick and positive reply!

I will definitely try the QRV08 :-)


I am building 2 x QRV08 for my JH13 fed by sabre, so will be able to give you some useful feedback. should be finished in a week or 2