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B1 Preamplifier to Sell

Started by rclourenco, October 16, 2009, 06:31:55 PM

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TO SELL PASS LABS B1 Passive Preamplifier (CLONE), based upon the PCB sold by Pass Labs.

  • NEW: 3 hours use only for testing, construction date: September 09.
  • Fully aluminum body, painted in black powder finish.
  • Solid aluminum knobs, front plate, and black plate with all imprints.
  • CMC silver RCA plugs, Neutrik 32A mains plug (the best).
  • Gold plated Bulgin fuse holder.
  • All signal internal cabling is Mundorf M-Wire, 99% silver + 1% gold + HGC monofilament pure silver wire covered in pure Teflon sleeve.
  • All power cabling from Nordost.
  • Input selector from ELMA.
  • Volume control based on a Shalco type 41 positions selector, with military SMD low noise resistors - 10K linear type.
  • Input resistors Caddock TF020 + Caddock MP130 in other positions. Some PRP, and one MILLS power resistor.
  • Signal Caps are V-CAP (the best).
  • Filtering caps are Nichicon MUSE gold (> 25.000uF).
  • Power transformer is 50VA! R-Core.
  • Power Supply based on a discrete Mosfet regulated design, with MUR820 rectifiers.

The sound? Very goog and silent.Why selling? Just bought a Mcintosh C2200, otherwise wouldn't sell.Selling almost for the cost price: (includes free shipping to EC), International please ask for a quotation. Don't forget this is made for 230VAC mains.Includes a Supra LoRad mains cable with Neutrik type IEC 32A plug, and Supra Schuko gold plated mains plug.

1.000€ (shipping included to EC)

my mail: rui dot lourenco (at) fortislease dot com (anti spam)

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Would you mind to tell where to buy the chassis?


No Problem:

Just speak with Mr. Richard Kroll and tell him I gave you this info.

Happy building.