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High voltage, high current super regulator

Started by peranders, October 26, 2005, 02:12:39 PM

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The super regulator as it was presented had limited data because of the design but nothing says that it can be done for any voltage and any current but if the requirements are more than 36 volts out and 1.5 A (1 A in real life) a redesign is necessary. There are a half dozen of available pcb's out there. The latest one comes from Taiwan but this one and noone else is rather well suited for higher power.

My idea was to design a regulator for

* 5-100 V out, 3 A min, max 5-8 A (not desided yet)
* Normal 36 volts opamps
* LM431, LM329 and similar references
* LM338 preregulator
* Overvoltage protection for the LM338 and SR
* Short circuit protection (more advanced than usual, low loss)
* Maybe rectifier bridge and smoothing on the same pcb
* Fuse for incoming power
* Hole mounted parts mainly but possible to use SO08 opamps also
* Nice looking pcb
* Mainly "normal" parts, high industrial quality

Time frame: Second half of 2009

At the moment I haven't dived into possible design problems concerning using opamps with less supply voltage than the output voltage.

I may run this project according to my group buy guide lines.

How do you think it sounds?
/Per-Anders Sjöström, owner of this forum

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I think it sounds good, but I think this time you should try to work towards improving the design aspects also, for instance the possibility of using a fast opamp/fast power transistor.

Also I think a (normal) jung super regulator should be able to handle a little more current if you were to use a LM338

The thing you need to know also is the LM338 is only suitable up to 32V.

You could use 2 for 64v, and 3 for 96v if your design can run them in series, but it is something to take into consideration.

Perhaps you could look at mosfets for the power transistors.

Just some ideas.


You have missed the point I'm afraid. The purpose was high voltage out, more than a normal opamp can take.

The second thing is that LM338 can deliver 5 A at least and the are alternatives if more current is required.

LM317/LM337/LM338 and such are floating meaning that the only limit is the voltage between in and out not to ground.

100 volts in 80 volts out is OK with both LM317 and LM338!
/Per-Anders Sjöström, owner of this forum

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Sigurd Ruschkowski

A unit that can handle more voltage is interesting indeed!
More current is not necessary for me. About 300mA is max I need.
+-100V can be useful in the voltage gain part of a power amp  :)

Have you thought about a constant current shunt regulator?

I would like to see a + and - voltage regulated supply on the same PCB
and also to have dual channels on the same PCB, ie a 2x +- Voltage.

Transformers can be separate but it would be nice to have dual schottky rectifiers per rail and also the larger caps on the PCB  :D



How do you think it sounds?

Make it a good one, and i'll advertise your board daily.


I see no technical reason to have a linear regulator combined with a switched amp.
/Per-Anders Sjöström, owner of this forum

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Per-Anders , This looks like a very good project. If it does go ahead, will it be a gruop buy for just the board or are you going to offer the complete project? Except for the trans of course (wieght)
The reason I ask is, I live in New Zealand and I have looked into ordering things from Europe before, but the frieght just kills me.........



I will only offer the pcb but I don't mind if somebody else organize a parts group buy if interest is enough.
/Per-Anders Sjöström, owner of this forum

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