Technical data

Operating voltage: Max 50 V, less current at high voltage in. Min 4 volts more than output voltage.
Output voltage: 5-40 V, down to 3 volts is possible.
Hum and noise at full output current: Down to 0.9 µV or below depending of component choices
Max current: Approx 1 A peak
Max continuous current: Approx 1 A depending of ambient temperature and mounting (cooling).
Dimensions: 66,0 (2.6") x 38,1 (1.5") mm









Measurements are done by Jack Walton, jackinj, with an Audio Precision measurement system.

Used parts LM329, AD825  LM329, AD797 LM329, LT1028
 No filter:  15.14 µV  5.67 µV  6.95 µV
A-Weighted:  2.38 µV  1.03 µV 1.00 µV
CCIR-486:  6.40 µV  2.04 µV 2.02 µV
CCIR-2K(Avg):  3.03 µV  0.941 µV 0.921 µV
22-22K:  3.52 uV  2.37 uV 1.70 uV