Recommended power supply

SSR03 is a very low noise stabilized power supply. Of course I recommend it (I designed it for this purpose!) but any low noise power supply will do but you must consider the rather low power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) the QSXM2 has. Therefore it can't reject noise as much as an opamp based amp can.

The best power supply unit consists of two QSXPS pcb's and two transformers. This solution costs much but is undoubtly the best. I think also that a 7815/7915 or LM317/337 based power supply can be equally good if lot's of smoothing caps are used. You can check QSXM3 and the built-in power supply for inspiration.

Component choices

I have nothing against "audiophilic" components but this design requires normal standard good performing industrial parts as a good start and will work correctly if the recommend parts are used. Feel free to change the parts you like but you must have control over the important electrical parameters of each part. I'm aware of that certain parts "feels" right and as long as they fit, use them!

I think that some of the "audiophilic" parts are just plain froud. They have absolutely no documented "audiophilic" features what so ever. Same parts are only known but rumours over the internet and magazines. In many cases no double blind tests have taken place.