Sjöström Audio
This woman(!), Susan Parker has designed an very odd amplifier which has no feedback and only two active devices. Very rare, indeed.
The website is dedicated for all sorts of audio related audio projects where most pcb's can be bought in the web shop.
This is something for the train lover. 4 x 9 hours cab rider's view filmed in HD. They have filmed in winter, spring, summer and autumn and you can also see all four seasons at once.
A nice looking RIAA phono amp based on NE5532 or OPA2134 but you change the opamp to something else. The design has a passive RIAA equalisation.
All about Gaincloning including a comprehensive beginners guide and a GC picture gallery.
An interactive online Gerber and Excellon viewer which uses HTML5 to render everything inside the web browser.
This is a database over all (?) free webspace providers. Search here if you want more space than your ISP will give you. Here are also reviews. I might add that hosting nowadays are rather cheap. Personally I use which is a very good a cheap...
Grimm Audio is a collaboration between four of the Netherlandsª¾ best known audio engineers: Bruno Putzeys, Guido Tent, Peter van Willenswaard and Eelco Grimm, with the explicit aim of consolidating their collective competences into the most transparent...