Sjöström Audio
Everything for the railway crazy person, only in swedish though. The website contains all rolling stock from the start of the railway in Sweden! It contains also the present railways. Past railways can be found here.
Mark's website has a number of Gainclone-related projects. Check out the LM4780 micro-amp and a new 4 channel LM4780 amplifier which also supports bridged and bi-amp operation. There are details of my original prototype LM3875 monoblocks and articles...
DIY audio projects : 300W 6xLM3886 paralleled-bridged, 100W 2xLM3886 paralleled, Regulated LM3875 GainClone, AD1955 DAC, Vifa XT25 MG18 MTM speaker, Speaker simulation using Orcad.
Here are lots of goodies from Mr. Nelson Pass for the DIY-guy. Lots of amp designs.
Sheldon Stokes has tube amplifers, DAC's and electrostatic speakers (Quad ESL) as major interest. He has designed a couple of interesting projects, among others a tube equipped DAC. Nowadays he seems only to work with Quad ESL speakers.
Gainclone - The most popular amplifier in the world(?) A LM3886 from National Semiconductor. The heart of a Gainclone. It took a while to understand what "GC" was, or Gainclone. What a name! A couple of IC's (LM3875, LM3876 and LM3886) from National...
Jonna Jinton and her man Johan lives high up in the north of Sweden deep down in the woods and they design jewelry. They are now so successful that they have to stop all new orders.
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Danish firm which makes RIAA correction amps for 78 rpm records. The amp has variable RIAA correction curve.
This firm manufactures extremely high performing ADC's and DAC.'s They belong to the elite in the business. To my knowledge they make the most extreme DAC in the world (at the moment). Check out the AK4497!!
AW-diy online shop. Web shop for DIY audio stuff, like regulatirs and clock oscillators.
Do it yourself electrostatic loudspeakers. The website is in german only but you can use Google translation service.