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values for SSB01 supply caps

Started by qusp, December 08, 2009, 03:48:31 PM

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Hi there, well i've mostly built up a couple of buffers to using in a dac mod for a friend; all except the caps for C6 and C7. I have some Nichicon KZ 100uf 25v and elna silmic II in 100uf and 220uf 25v through-hole caps on the way, but since I have quite a few of these boards and wanted to play around with different combinations, I wondered how vital the capacitance is in these positions. I would expect that since these are supply/reservoir caps, that the value is more flexible than other parts on the board. I have some caps that I have found nice in digital circuits sanyo SVP, the SMD version; in 82uf and 330uf. I would lean towards over specing with the 330uf, rather than underspeccing, but wondered what your opinion was?? main thing I see is these are only rated really for digital circuits, so are 16v. I will be supplying these with only +/- 10v in this build, so should be fine right?? the nichicons are 25v and 50v and the silmic II 25v. I have enjoyed these sanyos in low voltage supplies before as well and as they are SMD, they are nice and neat/compact; very suitable for the space these are going into.

any opinions welcomed, mostly i'm just checking im on the right track, power supply reservoirs I prefer to go large, but if I can get away with the 82uf, that would be swell as they are smaller

thanks in advance



You can use any cap you'll like as long as the voltage rating is enough. Gut feeling says more than 10 uF but not too much. I think 100-220 uF is the limit.
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