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QSXPS - transformer voltage

Started by Olivier M., January 17, 2008, 09:25:23 AM

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Olivier M.


The document of the QSXPS power supply says that a transformer with voltages in the 18v - 24v AC range is needed for an output of +/-15VDC
This looks like a huge margin to me.
What is the minimum transformer AC voltage required for an output of +/-15VDC?
Same question for an output of +/-12VDC.

Thanks for your help



IF you have the resistors in series you will lose some voltage but on the other you'll get a smoother raw voltage. You must have approx. more than 5 volts more in than out and in is here after the resistors. 15 VAC for 15 VDC out is on the edge.
/Per-Anders Sjöström, owner of this forum

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