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JSR03 in parallel

Started by MacMiniHiFi, October 27, 2007, 01:18:20 AM

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Is it possible to connect two or more JSR03 modules in parallel to increase the current limit? What do I have to take particular care of if I want to try this?
I would like to try using jsr03's to drive a "Charlize" TA2020 based amplifier with a good power margin.



I doubt that but you could increase some base current. How much current did you have in mind?
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Honestly I don't really know how much current I need. Usually linear 12V power supply rated at 3A or more are recommended for this type of amp. I suspect that that this represents peak currents and that the mean current is well below.
What are the important mods to the "standard" JSR03 to increase the base current? Sufficient heat-sinking is obviously important but other than that what can be done? LM338 in stead of LM317 etc.
Thanks in advance.


LM338 may be used but if so you must have two separate PS without a common ground. The reason for this is the lack of the negative "LM338".

More current can be taken out if the base current is increased. This can be done by changing R14 to a lower value. I haven't tested this so I can't garantee anything.

Since it's a power amp a preregulator won't hardly be necessary => skip the LM317/337
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