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Started by AudioSpirit, September 12, 2005, 10:31:34 PM

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I build second copy of qrv-07 based on tpa6120 (previous copy was  based on ths6012) .
Now I listen Nigel Kennedy and sound is unbeliviable! A lot of hidden details which my louspeakers will never let me hear.

Ok,what I discovered ,this amp is very sensivite to capacity of post-filter capacitors.

According to Per-Anders they must be 470uF ,and this is correct value .In previous and another (not in body yet) qrv-07 I try to use 100uF Black Gates F ,result was weak bass. When I changed it to ELNA Cerafines 470uF,I've got excellent result. May be because tpa6120 and ths 6012 eating a lot of current,they like more and more capacity after filter.

Right now I have Phillips hp-890 ,later this week will receive Sennheiser 580. I will wirte my future expirience with qrv-06 next week.


Quote from: AudioSpiritAccording to Per-Anders they must be 470uF ,and this is correct value.....
According to me this is a suggestion. You must start somewhere and you must also make room for the parts at the pcb so the decision is yours and if you don't have any special opinion, use my recommended values.

Glad that your are pleased and I'm also glad that you have managed to solder all SMD parts.
/Per-Anders Sjöström, owner of this forum

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