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QRV-03 gain

Started by hms, June 05, 2024, 02:54:21 PM

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I would like to change the overall gain of the amp.
With 1Vp (maximum from a Chinch/RCA output) I wish to get the maximum output of the amp (about 15Vp (?) with 18V supply).
I think a gain of 12.5 or 22dB is enough.
In your design the gain of LT1115 is 2. I am not sure if I can change this to 6 without clipping because the LT1115 supply voltage is only 8.5V.

Is there a reason for this supply voltage or can I change the Zener diode from 9.1V to about 15V?
I think I must change the sum of R5 plus R6 to about 250 Ohm because the maximum load current of LT1115 is 27mA.

Is this the right way or is it better to change the gain of the current feedback stage with another value of R8//R7?