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SSR 03 12v Built questions

Started by aradan, April 28, 2015, 11:11:39 AM

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Hi All,

I trust you are doing well.

I am in the process of building an SSR03 power supply with a 12v Output (bipolar) to power up the DAC. And looking for some recommendations on the parts and componets:

1. Which transformers would you recommend for the input, would nuvotem talema be good or any other brands should be considered.

2. On the BOM file , it looks like the Axial Caps and Snap-In caps are never used in the implementation, my guess is this is an alternative to ther Regular Radial caps section. As the overall capacity of regular caps section is 10000 muf (C9-C27 uneven). My thought is whether I could have used Axial Caps or Snap IN caps instead. Say mundorf.

Than the question whether I can use just one
Mundorf Kondensator Elko 10000uF 63V 125°C MLytic ® AG

Or a pair of Mundorf Kondensator Elko 6800uF 63V 125°C MLytic ®

Which other brands you could recommend. If using Axial Cap should I be using a pair

Is there any reason why 10 smaller caps 1000uf 50v are used, what improvements would it have against one or two caps implementation ?

3. LM431 & LM329  which one would you recommend for this implementation, would the choice of the regulator be critical in this case ?

Thank you and looking forward to your replies.
Everything can be mastered, the only question is how much time is required :)


1 I don't have a special recommendation for the transformer more than you'll need 2 x 15-18 VAC

2 Any cap will do here so long as the voltage rating is OK. It's better (better HF and current performance and more expensive to have twenty small radial caps. It's a matter of taste.

3 LM431 has better precision and the stability is more than enough for your needs.
/Per-Anders Sjöström, owner of this forum

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Thank you. I was planning to go with LM431 :)

Thanks for the detailed answers
Everything can be mastered, the only question is how much time is required :)