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Which fuse for QRV07

Started by Consystor, July 23, 2011, 04:40:51 AM

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Hi all,
and Hi Per-Anders!

In Feb. 2006 I've assembled the QRV07 with a THS6012 and it worked without any problems but I had no time to put it in a chassis. So I've stored it away to avoid an accidental damage.
But yesterday (5 years later :-o ) I've looked for a nice case with the needed parts and I visited your new website which is very clear and professional. I congratulate you on your success with it and your nice projects!

I've seen that you have a successor headphone-amp for the QRV07. I've also seen that it has less parts. So - if you don't mind my asking - have you realized with the QRV09 a new idea? And, if yes, is there maybe a way to change parts of the 07 to get a 09?

Certainly, I want to protect my 07 by a fuse as is the case with 09. Therefor I've chosen a connection jack with a built-in miniature fuse-holder but I don't now which fuse I should use...
So, could you tell me which one would be correct? I'd really appreciate that.  :-)

Best regards from Germany and have a sunny summer!



The designs are identical expect for the fuse. 63 mAT fuse is OK.
/Per-Anders Sjöström, owner of this forum

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