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Replace Pass B1 with diamond buffer?

Started by framos, February 22, 2011, 05:33:33 PM

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I wanted to build a balanced Pass B1 buffer (two boards).  Can I use diamond buffers to accomplish the same task?  Sorry about the length of the questions but I'm not proficient at soldering surface mounted stuff, so I need to be sure I can/want to use a diamond buffer instead of the Pass:

1 - Can these can be wired for xlr input/output?
2 - If so, do I need two boards to build a stereo xlr buffer?
3 -  Volume control pot gets wired into the input?
4 - If I put them on their own box, what kind of power supply do they need?  Wall-wart?
5 - Can I add these to the amp chassis and essentially turn the amp into an integrated amp (with volume pots added to the buffer)?
6 -  How do these sound compared to the Pass B1?  How easy will it be to adjust the impediance if I need to match my chain of components?
7 -  Where would I place the buffer(s) if built into a class D amp? 
      ac mains -> SST02 -> DCT02 -> Toroidal transformer -> power supply -> diamond buffer(s) -> amp board ?
8 - If mounted on their own chassis, where would you recommend it go in the chain of components:
      squeezebox duet -> toslink -> berhringer deq -> xlr -> diamond buffer -> xlr -> amp -> speakers ?
9 - What volume pot load should I be looking at, 10k?

Thanks for any input.


1 Yes

2 You will need 4 boards

3 Yes but I'm not sure what the best solution is since you must attenuate with precision if you want to have good PSSR. You'll have to seek information from somebody else.

4 You must have a good stabilized power supply with 7815/7915 based as minimum requirement. LM317/LM337 is better and my SSR01/02 regulators are the best.

5 You could but I would recommend you have a separate preamp.

6 Don't know

7 Yes but the diamond buffer should be feed from a separate power supply.

8 ??

9 10k could be suitable
/Per-Anders Sjöström, owner of this forum

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