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jsr06 BOM or schematic without everything loaded at once

Started by qusp, October 31, 2010, 03:25:03 PM

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Hi there P-A, well I finally have got around to populating the jsr06, but I have been having some problems, every SSR0102 that I have put together has worked first time and despite the rather confiusing BOM for the 06, I thought I was on the right track.

the problem is, the only BOM for the JSR06 lists every single part that can possibly be used for every voltage and every reference. and then the schematic does a similar thing, it lists DZ2 and H4 loaded for the 15vout, as well as having both LM431 and LM329 and all of the feedback/trimming resistors for the refs loaded too. it then has notes next to these positions saying 'see notes' etc and the notes do not seem to exist?

of course I havent loaded both LM329/LM431, just LM431 because I want 7v out, I also havent got both the zener and the LED loaded.

I am using the onboard 18v TX, OPA134, LM431 and red LEDs for H1,2,3,4 and no zener. I have used 1.5" heatsinks and i'm shooting for current draw at 7v out @ ~270ma. R15, E15  are omitted and E13/R13 is shorted with jumper and C9 omitted. is this correct to get power from the output at this lowish voltage?

so I hadnt set up the output voltage trimming, or reference trimming. I left it as you have on the schematic, for these resistors, just to see what voltage I ended up with at the output and use that information to figure out what to change.

when turned on, all 4 LEDs lit fairly brightly, then H4 and H2 remained lit while the other 2 dimmed. but could hear slight buzzing, perhaps oscillation? or I suppose it could have been the LED flickering. output voltage was 18v referred to ground, so no regulation. i'm not sure I have all the resistors around the reference set up correctly and taking the opamp power from the output with low voltage/ref may not be enough.

anyway if you could either answer the above, or supply a BOM for 7V out using red LEDs for H1-4 and LM431 that would also work. I can take a picture if you like if you think that would be quicker?

thanks for your time


Please download the BOM. I have added 7 volts with LM431.
/Per-Anders Sjöström, owner of this forum

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thanks very much! will do that shortly and report back.


where is it PA? I see nothing new in the JSR06 folder.



perfect mate, got it al sorted, had to use 33oR + 470R in series in place of 820R as I didnt have that value on hand. so I now have a nice +/-6v89 both sides  solid to +/-300ma and 3 pretty red LEDs, 4th reverse biased so is out.

had a scare though, did all the work plugged it in and got nothing at all when I turned it on, nothing anywhere on the board, so this didnt worry me too much as wasnt getting any AC from the TX either, suspected fuse, but turned out to be just not plugged in far enough as the IEC i'm using is quite stiff.


/Per-Anders Sjöström, owner of this forum

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