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JSR03 at 11 V using a LM329

Started by peranders, March 16, 2010, 05:00:39 PM

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i have further problems with load. i have excluded the lm317 with the same result.

if i drive one jsr03 with more than 500 mA the voltage drops (with or without lm317 build as you recommenden in ten first post of this thread). so even if i try to use two jsr03 i cn not drive a load of ca. 1400 mA? Any chance to solve this problem. i an ready to resolder the things (it is possible to use Voltage from 12 V to 10,5 V and i can use lm320 05 lm431 which you recommend even led color is not important). Do you have a proven design to drive 2 x 700 mA with 2 jsr03?



When you have heavier loads you must adjust the design and right now approx. 1 A works good together with a LM317 AND a red LED. The limit for the design as it is right now is the available base current for the pass transtransistor. You could also change the pass element to a mosfet but this is nothing I'll support. In order to achieve ultra high performance there are obsticals on the way to a good result.
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