Sjöström Audio
Lars Clausen has left LCAudio and started a new company and of course new products. His new class D module may be one of the best right now.
The website is dedicated for all sorts of audio related audio projects where most pcb's can be bought in the web shop.
Click on the picture to get a larger view Click on the picture to get a larger view.Picture shows the input connector. Click on the picture to get a larger view.Picture shows the speaker outputs. The design is based on...
QSX Mark III - The extreme phono (RIAA) amplifier       Click on the picture to get a larger view. The printed circuit board of the QSX Mark III Amplifier. Interesting features In order to get an extremely linear and extremely low distortion design...
Hifi stuff for the real enthusiast. Check out the case of the amp which is made out of one piece!
All about Gaincloning including a comprehensive beginners guide and a GC picture gallery.
Vikash Chauhan has DIY Audio site containing LM3875 and LM3386 based power amplifiers and various other audio projects such as loudspeakers.
This japanese guy is crazy! Check out his amplifier designs! Most of the pages are in japanese but if you use the translation tool at Google you can understand most of the text. It works!
An interactive online Gerber and Excellon viewer which uses HTML5 to render everything inside the web browser.
This is a database over all (?) free webspace providers. Search here if you want more space than your ISP will give you. Here are also reviews. I might add that hosting nowadays are rather cheap. Personally I use which is a very good a cheap...
Everything for the railway crazy person, only in swedish though. The website contains all rolling stock from the start of the railway in Sweden! It contains also the present railways. Past railways can be found here.
DIY audio projects : 300W 6xLM3886 paralleled-bridged, 100W 2xLM3886 paralleled, Regulated LM3875 GainClone, AD1955 DAC, Vifa XT25 MG18 MTM speaker, Speaker simulation using Orcad.