Sjöström Audio
DIY stuff such as Tent shunt regulators, loudspeaker elements, tube amps. products from NewClassD such as regulators, discrete opamps, soft start.
Link collection cacti web sites. Most of the links are to german web sites.
Kuk Audio Co., Ltd is highly specialized in supplying a variety of high-quality components for audio amplifiers. They sell many kinds of amp-,audio-,guitar parts and others parts like this, for instance: Vacuum tubes,Tube sockets, Capacitors, Resistors...
A very well written book about opamps operational amplifiers and their applications. 464 pages loaded with good information, all for free!
High-End hi-fi company based in South Africa with a focus on fine workmanship and a bent for the minimalist.
This swedish gentleman has done a nice power amp with simple means, no CAD for instance. Hand drawn schematics and hand taped pcb layout.
This website has everything about Hewlett-Packard's calculators. Check out the Java based simulation of a HP calculator. Cool!
This web site is dedicated for the brittish and classical electrostatic loudspeaker from Quad.
Bo Bengtsson is my hero, from Sweden and my hometown Eskilstuna. His company makes very nice speakers.
Ultra High Performance Audio and the famous Samuel Groner works there. The products look really nice too.