Sjöström Audio
A 20 years old class D design. I have no idea how good the design is/was. Notice that this is a frame website.
AW-diy online shop. Web shop for DIY audio stuff, like regulatirs and clock oscillators.
Martin van den Berg has modified his CD with a JSR03 super regulator. He has made a very good looking installation. The JSR03 is fully replaced by SSR01 from Sjöström Audio.
Webring with the subject cactus and succulents. When this was written there was 23 sites listed.
Beautiful audio products and in particular the pcb's by the great amplifier designer Pavel Dudek. The website is in czech but you can look at the pictures and translate with Google.
All sorts of distorsion forms are very well discribed here by Doulgas Self. Mr Self has also written a couple of books in the subject but I haven't read any of them. Beware of the huge page. It takes some time to download.
A swedish quite god pcb cad software which was called EE Designer in the 80's and early 90's.