Sjöström Audio
Mark's website has a number of Gainclone-related projects. Check out the LM4780 micro-amp and a new 4 channel LM4780 amplifier which also supports bridged and bi-amp operation. There are details of my original prototype LM3875 monoblocks and articles...
Sheldon Stokes has tube amplifers, DAC's and electrostatic speakers (Quad ESL) as major interest. He has designed a couple of interesting projects, among others a tube equipped DAC. Nowadays he seems only to work with Quad ESL speakers.
This site is dedicated the cactus genus Tephrocactus, but also other species. <em>Very</em> narrow subject but if you this special kind of cactus, you can get some information here.
Urban Erixon from north of the pole cirle in Sweden is a very skilled designer of audio. Power amplifers and DAC's are his thing. He is also very good in mechanics. Check out his enclosures.
Click on the picture to get a larger view. I designed this amplifier 1986 and I felt like publishing it now. The excellent MOSFETs from Supertex Inc are hard to get these days (not impossible) so therefore the amp needed to be redesigned a little bit...
Optimisten ser ljuset i tunneln. Pessimisten ser mörkret. Realisten ser tåget. Lokföraren ser tre idioter på spåret. A Swedish blog about driving trains.
Click on the picture to see a larger view of the pcb. The performance is outrageous in headphone amp terms. See the technical data! Interesting features: High speed, low distortion current feedback design. All discrete design of the amp itself...
All sorts of toroidal transformers and inductors. They have also transformers for tube amplifiers.
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miniVreg, precision voltage regulator and other DIY stuff such as clock oscillators. A webshop is connected.
Danish firm which makes RIAA correction amps for 78 rpm records. The amp has variable RIAA correction curve.
A nice service if you want nice looking but cheap business cards, of course nothing is for free but it's cheap.
Manufacturer of extremely high class ADC's and DAC's. Crystal (Cirrus Logic) ar world leader but AKM is breathing in their neck...