Sjöström Audio
Lot's of nice looking stuff from Johannes LeBong, tube amps, phono amps, horn loudspeakers, etc. Text in german.
Patrik Boström has designed ultra small and ultra high performing class D amplifiers delivering 400 watts! ICEPower has now bought the company.
Here are a bunch of interesting amplifier designs. Anthony Holton has been around for years and nowadays he has started to sell SMD designs which looks real good. Nice looking pcb's. He previous URL was
The famous Alex Nikitin, former chef designer of Creek Audio Limited, has put up a homepage with his interesting designs. The first one is a headphone amp which has no feedback and runs in class A.
Pavel Macura has made a couple of very nice amplifier designs. He sells also pcb's.
This circiut is called diamond buffer or Jung super buffer (because of this article in the subject). The buffer can be used after an opamp with or without feedback, altough feedback is recommended. Part 1.
This is my own web shop where I sell my designs. Per-Anders Sjöström
This german guy is dedicated to tube amps and vinyl. He has also designed a very interesting balanced RIAA phono amp and also a turntable.
Neurochrome run by Tom Christiansen is based in Calgary, Canada. I founded Neurochrome in 2010 to provide well-designed high-end audio circuits to the DIY audio community and it quickly grew to a self-sustaining hobby. This early success provided me with...
This very extreme class A power amplifier designed by Bruno Putzeys (Sander Sassen's pcb design), has extreme performance. Check out the distortion measurements!
The latest article by Walt Jung about the well-known Jung Super Regulator. Must be read, very interesting.
Click on the picture to see a larger view of the pcb. The performance is outrageous in headphone amp terms. See the technical data! Interesting features: The pcb fits virtually any single opamp Room for good coupling caps (if you must or like)...
Ms. Susan Parker has a collection of rather unusual stuff like a zero-feedback amplifier consisting of only two MOSFET's! She has also designed a loudspeaker made of marble!
Rodd Elliott's implementation of the so called Gainclone, long before the Gainclone concept was invented. It's LM3876 based but LM3886 will also fit. Boards are available.
Mr. Ti Kan has made a very nice turntable. Please notice that the website has frames.